Congratulations Travis Ishikawa

ishikawa3Travis, a Federal Way High School Graduate, has made the day for all of the San Francisco Giant fans. During the National League playoffs last week Travis hit a walk-off three run home run to advance his team to the World Series against the Kansas City Royals. Barbara Billings, your early childhood Federal Way Dentist, wishes you and your family the very best.

Have you wondered why Barbara Billings, a Federal Way Dentist and the American Dental Society, have recommended that you have a dental exam and cleaning every six months. Regular checkups are essential to maintaining your oral health. And in between these check ups it is important that you keep your mouth clean and healthy with daily flossing and brushing.

During your appointment we will:

  • review and update your medical/dental history
  • check for any problems you may see or feel
  • examine your mouth for any signs of oral cancer or other oral conditions
  • inspect your teeth (decay, broken teeth or fillings) and gums (plaque, tartar, infection) and digitally record findings
  • examine mouth function by checking recession, abfractions, wear, mobility, sensitivity, jaw pain, and crowding, open contacts or tipping of teeth.
  • remove plaque, tartar and stain, and polish/floss your teeth
  • review your digital X-rays on a large screen that you can see from your dental chair
  • review brushing, flossing techniques and dispense additional helpful cleaning aids

Visiting our office every six months gives you a chance to discuss any concerns with the hygienist and Dr. Billings. It also allows us to share new technology with you that can enhance your smile. Ultimately, you should have your teeth for life.











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We welcome you to our dental family!